Why support CEBRAP

CEBRAP will be completing 50 years of existence in 2019 and would greatly profit from support to keep playing its role both as an outstanding knowledge production center as well as a qualified participant in the Brazilian public debate.

By the time of its foundation, CEBRAP counted with substantial support from foundations such as the Ford Foundation and the McArthur Foundation, which enabled the constitution of this research center and the creation of a financial reserves fund. This financial reserve totals today (July 2016) around U$ 920.000, which is not enough to ensure the continuity of our activities in the long run.

In order to keep performing its role in the Brazilian society – role it has been developing for almost half a century of continuous activity – and to keep its intellectual autonomy and political neutrality, CEBRAP needs to widen significantly its financial reserve through donations from private individuals and companies. The following organizations support or have already supported CEBRAP’s projects as partners, sponsors or contractors.

How to support? The objective of this support is to widen the resources for CEBRAP’s endowment, as a way to enable and increase its role as a politically neutral think tank and as a research and formation center for leaderships and high quality professionals for the country. The support of companies, foundations and private individuals can be carried out through donations or sponsorships to the promotion of the institution as a whole or for specific activities, listed below. Donor CEBRAP Fund Institutional support for CEBRAP’s activities as a whole. Foundations and Companies Minimum suggested contribution of R$ 20.000,00 (U$ 6,153,00), by company or function, annual. Private individuals Minimum suggested contribution of R$ 1.000,00 (U$ 307,00) by private individual or group of private individuals, annual. Donor CEBRAP Activities Institutional support for a specific activity carried out by CEBRAP. Donor Scholarships for the Professional Formation Program National program for PhD students and for the CEBRAP’s International Post-Doc Program (in association with the Princeton University, King’s College and Free University of Berlin). The scholarship’s amount is R$ 2.000,00 (U$ 615,00) monthly or R$ 24.000,00 (U$ 7,385,00) yearly for PhD students and R$ 3.000,00 (U$ 923,00) monthly or R$ 36.000,00 (U$ 11,076,00) yearly for Post-Doc students. The donor or donors are expected to finance the scholarship for at least a whole year. Sponsor Seminars and Courses Sponsorship aimed exclusively for seminars and courses organized by CEBRAP. The seminars are organized in association with the newspaper FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO, which advertises them in its printed and online versions. Sponsor Virtual Library and Journal Novos Estudos Sponsorship aimed exclusively for the Virtual Library and/or the journal Novos Estudos CEBRAP, remaining the option, for companies or foundations, to advertise its logo in the corresponding websites. The Virtual Library benefits from tax advantages provided by the Rouanet Bill and counts with the Bank Itaú-Unibanco as its main sponsor.

Benefits from supporting

The companies or foundations which decide to sponsor scholarships, seminars and courses or the Virtual Library and the journal Novos Estudos will have its name and/or brand advertised, as contractually foreseen, in every material present at events or products. The Donors shall: –  receive informative bulletins, research reports and CEBRAP’s releases, including the journal Novos Estudos CEBRAP. –  have its name and/or brand advertised, as they see fit, in the website and in every event and release by CEBRAP. –  be a preferential guest at every CEBRAP event. –  have access to the annual report of provision of accounts (provided by external auditing). –  have exclusive access to an annual seminar, attended by great national and international thinkers and important political actors in the Brazilian context. SUPPORT CEBRAP’S NEXT 50 YEARS: For more information, please contact: cebrap@cebrap.org.br