What we develop?

CEBRAP is a non-profit organization founded in 1969 by a group of researchers acting in different fields of expertise, most of them removed from their original teaching positions at universities by the military dictatorship that took place in Brazil during that period. Since its foundation, it has been a space for critical and independent knowledge production in Brazil.

CEBRAP focuses in the analysis of the Brazilian reality. Its style emphasizes comparative studies and combines both specialization and interdisciplinarity, in a continuous dialogue between different theoretical and methodological perspectives from the researchers’ original field of studies: Sociology, Politics, Demographics, Urbanism, Law, Philosophy, Anthropology, Economics and Geography.

Acting as a globalized research center, CEBRAP holds partnerships with institutes, universities, promotion agencies and civil associations from several countries, such as the USA, England, Germany, France, India, China, Mexico and South Africa.

Developing its activities for 47 years, CEBRAP stands out in the national scene with researches, publications and seminars characterized by multidisciplinarity, thoroughness and impact in the public debate.