CEBRAP is a center of reference in the formation of researchers and professionals of excellence. Its formation program prepared individuals who now hold prominent positions in universities, government organizations and international organs as well as private institutions, and who also played an important role in formulating public policies and in the public debate concerning relevant national themes. Nowadays CEBRAP has a formation program directed towards PhD students and an international post-doc program in association with the King’s College, the Free University of Berlin and the Princeton University.

As a politically neutral think tank, CEBRAP organizes regular seminars and courses to debate important themes, inserting academic research in the universe of development-oriented intervention policies for the Brazilian reality. Important national and international individuals, as well as political and corporate leaders have already attended CEBRAP’s seminars and courses.

Nowadays CEBRAP holds four regular monthly seminars, two of them in partnership with the newspaper “Folha de S. Paulo”.

In 2016, CEBRAP will start an annual School of High Studies, intending to discuss leading theories in international humanities.

Over five decades, CEBRAP has been collecting one of the biggest collections of academic releases and applied researches in Brazil, most of which have already been digitalized.

This is a living collection, which keeps growing thanks to the publications of the prestigious academic journal Novos Estudos CEBRAP and of the Centro de Estudos da Metrópole – CEM, as well as several videos from seminars and papers resulting from researches.